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Sep 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
united kingdom the united states. >> what is it about this band with so many people? n thatis a phenomeno defies explanation. three generations are in love with beatles' music. a 12 year-old is exposed to for the first time and it is almost the same way it was 12 years old. >> is not just music this weekend. have speakers who are the history of the beatles. have guitars that george harrison used. we have the original beatles drum said from the eds sullivan show. a lot of memorabilia and a lot artists. appreciate -- >> we appreciate the time you have given us. of the proceeds will be from victims -- going to the hurricane and local victims of house fires. tickets go from $12 to up to if you want a more inclusive package. die-hard fans want to be here for every minute of this. you can find out more -- att >> it looks like he is looking for some sunshine out there. our beacha check of forecast. ?ave >> here comes the sun. what they want to be singing. you can see a lot of folks out the beach and on the boardwalk taking advantage of this last long weekend of .ummer look at
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1